Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Can I Donate Blankets, Sheets, Towels and Pillows?

It's always good to keep extra old blankets and towels and such on hand! Throw an extra one in the trunk for whatever comes up. Usually, for us, it's youth hockey games, or outdoor concerts. And once, it was for two DQ Root Beer Floats from the drive-thru that decided to go all "5th grade volcano science project" on us.

However, at some point you realize that the linen closet is just way too full.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, my husbands company rented a moving truck which the employees filled with donations.  I was able to donate a lot of blankets and sheets.  When I decided to clean out the guest bedroom closet, I found it was mainly full of boxes from when we moved in. I had always assumed they were my husband's various computer related relics - most likely based on what the moving company had written on them. But when I opened the boxes, I found they were full of pillows. Feather pillows. Every box. I honestly have no idea why we had so many. (Of course, with the amount of items that our moving company lost, these pillows very well could have belonged to another family.)

We had no use for them, and I was a little icked out by how long they had been in the boxes. But our pets already had numerous beds, and throwing them in the trash seemed, well, embarrassing. It would have taken 4 weeks to get rid of them.

I checked around and finally found that a nearby animal control department would gladly take them! However, I was surprised at how many animal shelters would not take pillows - I was told that it would require too much effort to repeatedly wash them. :(

SO! Top places to donate old blankets, sheets, towels and pillows (and mattress covers!) Remember, call first before dropping off items. Each place has it's own set of rules and needs, and understandably, most places are not going to take used pillows.

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